An E-Commerce platform doesn't have to be boring

If you’ve been to Switzerland there are these pharmacies that look and feel like they’ve been around for centuries. Some have too. They’re like monuments and sometimes happen to smell like that too.

Our first online contact with Nutrexin reminded us of that too. The website used a typical template with zero personality, functioned badly and was in desperate need of an update. However, how much were they willing to change?
From the beginning we learned, Nutrexin spearheaded by Pascal Summer were 100% open minded and committed to something fresh! With the help of brilliant Fosca Toth, who set the brand strategy and also got overall cool cat photographer Dan Cermak involved, the project was a success. We developed an unique navigation concept, implemented a customizable page builder and got to work with beautiful imagery for the homepage to complement storytelling on the homepage.

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    — Design — Web development — E-commerce

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    Fosca Toth - PM
    Dan Cermak - Photography

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